Dona Ana County Search & Rescue, Inc. - Tracking & Searching, So Others May Live...
"Wherever we go in the mountains we find more than we seek." - John Muir, naturalist 1838-1914

About Us
    Our organization is here to help others, the community & state. Our team seeks to meet the needs of the lost, stranded, or injured.   Our members come from those who like to hike, hunt, climb, & camp.  The principal  requirement for members  is  an  interest in search and rescue, a willingness to learn the necessary skills,  and a desire  to contribute to this community effort.
      Team  members  provide  their  own personal trail gear  (boots, clothing,  packs & basic  survival  materials).   DACSAR maintains  an  inventory  of   team   gear (radios, ropes, litters, etc.) for mission use. Annual dues of $20 cover administrative  costs and some team purchases. The NM  Department of  Public Safety does provide mileage reimbursement for missions.

  VISITORS ARE  WELCOME to our monthly business and planning meetings. 

Location: Mountain View Regional Medical Center, First floor in the Community Room, use the main entrance and its will be to the right.      -4311 E. Lohman Ave, Las Cruces

When:: First Monday of the  month 
@ 6:30 P.M. 

Monthly Trainings - as scheduled, and usually on the 12th day after our team meetings - which will be the 2nd Saturday after the meeting. Check the schedule page of the website for dates and details. In addition to these team trainings there are multi-team trainings & mock missions during the year. Members also attend the annual statewide convention and training set up by the New Mexico Search & Rescue Council - NMSARC.

Right: Team members at our annual end-of-year gathering.
Application for Membership:
DACSAR Application.pdf (PDF — 136 KB)

Team Member Gear List
DACSARgearlist.pdf (PDF — 35 KB)

FAQs.doc (DOC — 33 KB)

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